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6P color demonstrates the “double the colors” approach for electronic displays

LED display with 4 primary colors

The logo shows the potential to add to the 3 red green blue to add yellow and cyan

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FCR is a compendium of neurological cues that allow our audience to truly feel the emotional message that true and complete color can convey.

—Steven Poster, CSA

SAN JOSE, California, USA, May 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — 6P color, a company with expertise in image processing, innovation and human perception, will provide a full color gamut, FCR, display demo, during Display Week 2022; far exceeding the colors shown today by digital cinema.

By leveraging the color output of existing studio cameras, video game creation and virtual reality systems, creatives and consumers will experience a more realistic story. By using color encoding and sending methods in a colorimetric approach, color accuracy is ensured from the original capture to the eyes of the viewer.

6P Color, in collaboration with researchers at Baylor University, has created methods and algorithms leveraging industry standards for FCR. Demonstrations are shown on projection screens and dvLED screens for full color gamut, FCR. The color primaries are beyond the standard red, green, and blue (RGB); adding fully saturated cyan for this demo. Additional primary colors are featured as part of the lab development. Standard displays only support about 45% of normal human visual color perception.

FCR is an end-to-end color system starting with RAW data captured by existing camera imagers, created electronically (eg animations, visual effects) or digitized (eg film). The system enables color processing and transport of all available colors to screens using existing formats and standards.

FCR allows consumers to see almost full spectrum color. FCR delivers a dramatically enhanced viewing experience: heightened attention, a greater sense of presence, heightened engagement, a more complete suspension of disbelief, and the ability to truly feel the emotional message. There is an “admiration” factor.

When using a display with four or more primaries, the FCR displays the colors of nature, not reproducible in an existing RGB-only system. FCR-enabled systems are the first in a family of advancements in human visual perception.

“Full color gamut isn’t just bit depth or gamut, it’s not just chromaticity and brightness,” said Steven Poster, ASC 6 P Color. “FCR is a compendium of neurological cues that allow our audience to truly feel the emotional message that true and complete color can convey.”

The 6P Color/Baylor dvLED demonstrations are taking place at the DisplayWeek I-Zone exhibits from May 10-12. For more information, please see our FAQs

About 6P color
6P Color is a Waco TX based company, providing color and multi-primary system solutions that enable creatives and makers to create and market superior display solutions. 6P Color is an expert company in image processing, innovation and human perception. 6P Color focuses on methods and implementation to enable extended colors in addition to more accurate colors. By working to match the human visual system’s perception of color, all content becomes more engaging and valuable. 6P Color, in collaboration with researchers at Baylor University, provides rich innovation in color science for the future, alongside the applications of today’s industry-compatible solutions. For more information, visit www.6PColor.com .

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The 59th International Display Week Symposium and Seminar, presented by the Society for Information Display (SID), will be held in San Jose, California, May 8-13, 2022. Display Week is the main global event focused on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies from concept to market. Display Week attracts attendees from across the ecosystem of R&D, engineering, design, manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, sales and finance, as well as markets commercial and consumer end users. It offers unparalleled learning opportunities, evolving market trends, sourcing, roadmaps to market, and connections for career and business growth. For more information on Display Week 2022, visit www.displayweek.org or follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @DisplayWeek (hashtag #DisplayWeek2022) or the Display Week YouTube channel.

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