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Boruto Reveals Color Code’s New Karma Transformation

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations saw the villainous collection of ninjas known as the Kara Organization operate under new management, with the young antagonist Code working hard to exact revenge for the death of his master, Jigen. While the manga series is set to go on hiatus this summer until August after the release of this final chapter, Shonen Jump surprises fans by revealing what Color Code looks like as he attempts to eliminate all of the hidden leaf ninjas. . Town.

In the final chapter, Code may have managed to receive his new transformation thanks to Amado granting him full access to his power, but he is seemingly unable to maintain his new version of the Kara organization, as Eida is simply focused on obtaining affection. from Kawaki. In previous battles, Code has proven to be a powerhouse even without this new power, holding his own against Boruto, Kawaki, and Naruto to name a few. Gaining white hair with his upgrade, Code is poised to become a serious villain in the future of the Shonen franchise.

The official Shonen Jump Twitter account has shared the new cover for the manga series’ 71st chapter, featuring Code’s latest transformation that not only makes the antagonist look like he “can defeat any opponent “, but also changes the color of her hair in the style of the dragonball series:

In the anime adaptation, the series takes a break from the events of the manga, instead focusing on Team 7 traveling to the Land of Water, with Boruto and his friends recently having to deal with major character losses that didn’t happen. have ever had the opportunity to appear in the pages of printed history. With creator Masashi Kishimoto returning as the series’ writer, it’s clear the mangaka isn’t afraid to take the story into unexpected territory, with the series already seeing Jigen and the Nine-Tailed Fox give a kick in the bucket.

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