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Can you guess when the color of this man’s hoodie changes?

The optical illusion has taken the internet by storm. This time it’s a video of a man wearing a hoodie magically changing colors as he dances, which has gone viral. Netizens are going crazy over this video and trying to figure out the change in colors of his jacket. Watch the video below and see if you can experience the hoodie color change yourself.

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What’s in the viral video?

In the video, editor Christian Kesniel can be seen wearing a different colored hoodie and dancing to a rap song. The colors of his hoodie vary from purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange. In it, five Christians can be seen dancing wearing the hoodie which changes color as it performs its magic.

It’s the power of the optical illusion that viewers are left guessing about the solutions.

When the video begins, Christian is seen wearing a green hoodie in front. As soon as the dance starts, the green hoodie seems to change to blue but no one can get it when the hoodie turns green again at the end of the video. The link to see the video has been given at the end of this article.

Explanation: How does the hoodie change color?

There is also a Youtube video explaining to users how the hoodie changed color. Christian explained in this video, “I just colored it in so I could isolate the green color, which is the actual color of the jacket.” You can hear it from the maker in this video below and try to make such video by yourself.

Check out the viral video below:

To watch the video, try clicking on the link shared here: CLICK HERE

Netizens have been baffled watching the video again and again to find out when and how the color of the hoodie changes. People reacted in all ways. Check out some reactions below.

One user commented, “My brain hurts,” which has nearly 110 replies.

Another user said, “I’ve watched it thousands of times and still don’t understand.”

A user by the name of btwitsateeba wrote: ‘Them: How many times are you going to watch this?

I do’

A user by the name of j3n1f0issl33py solved the problem by saying “no I saw it, right in the middle the green gets lighter and turns blue”.

Instagram user dariagrammatico wrote: “colors change very slowly, look closely at the yellow sweatshirt at the start. spectacular”

All we need to know is how many times did you have to watch the video to find the color change? Tell us in the comment box below.


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