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GAD Capital: Loans for Minority Entrepreneurs

Finance for Minority-Owned Business

If you’re a business owner of color, you may have a more challenging time getting small business loans. minority-owned businesses are less likely to receive funding, more likely to be accepted for smaller loan amounts, and often pay higher interest rates than their white-owned counterparts, even though minority-owned businesses make up 15% of all small businesses in the United States

Having a business run by someone of color has a unique set of challenges regarding access to funding. One of the significant impediments to small company ownership for people of color is the lack of access to capital.

Traditional small business loans can be challenging to locate and get. When a typical lender isn’t an option, that’s where GAD Capital comes in.

Choosing a lender who shares your desire to grow your business is critical as you explore ways to expand your workforce and increase your revenue.

What kind of small business loan is best for my company’s financial situation?

A finance option is available to assist you in achieving your small company goals, whether you want to develop inventory, cover payroll, purchase equipment, or launch a new marketing campaign. For this reason, you must first familiarize yourself with all of the available sources of capital to make an informed choice on how to allocate your company’s resources.

What are my options for a small company loan?

You can utilize your small company loan to cover various expenses, but you should think carefully about the consequences of taking on additional debt. Only apply for the money you need when needed, and devise a strategy for promptly recouping the money you borrow. Our network of mission-driven lenders may be able to assist you if your company needs financial assistance. says, In the meantime, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies before moving forward. You can boost your chances of getting a small business loan by creating a plan of action for how you’ll utilize and repay it before you apply.

GAD Capital is a small business loan provider specializing in working with minority-owned businesses.

Through its lending partner network, GAD Capital helps small business owners of color get the capital they need to grow their businesses by linking them with responsible, fair, and mission-driven lenders. When more traditional sources of capital aren’t available to companies run by people of color, they turn to GAD Capital.

Why? No matter what their current situation is, every business owner deserves the opportunity to succeed. We welcome you to look around and learn more about how we can help you grow as a small business owner.

It’s only a matter of time before you realize that your future is correct.