Color naming

Google Contacts cards get an extra splash of color

Another UI change in a post-Material You world

Google has spent most of 2021 redesigning its lineup of Android apps ahead of the launch of Material You. Android 13 may not have an all-new design language, but that doesn’t mean the company is letting its apps languish with last year’s look. Contacts was one of the first apps to get a Material You-style design, and in its latest update, Cards are getting a whole new accent color.

Currently rolling out in the latest Google Contacts update, this new UI change applies directly to everyone registered with your account. This new look removes the old-school lines separating information categories, now dividing everything up with different cards matching your Material You theme. It’s a small change, but immediately noticeable once you stumble upon it.


Many category names, including Labels and About, have been carried over from previous designs. Phone numbers and email addresses, meanwhile, now appear in a separate category: Contact Information. It doesn’t change how the app works, although it does look a bit more unified with the rest of the layout.

Left: Ancient design. Right: New design.

That’s not the only tweak to this patch, though. Contact names have been centered below icons or profile pictures, dropping the left-justified text used in older versions. Like the rest of this redesign, this is a minor tweak, albeit a welcome addition that feels more in line with the rest of the UI.

Our tipster noticed the change in Contacts version, though I’ve also spotted it in slightly older builds, which could instead indicate a server-side update. Anyway, I noticed it on two different Pixel phones running Android 12 and 13 respectively, so the change will likely see a wide release.

Thanks: Prajjwal