Color constancy

Is the color platform (CLR) trending lower or higher on Friday?

Color Platform receives a solid 99 long-term technical rating from InvestorsObserver analysis. Our proprietary scoring system considers trading patterns over the past few months to a year by analyzing the token’s consistency, volatility, and relative position against long-term averages to determine if it is a solid investment opportunity. Currently, CLR holds a long-term technical analysis score above 99% of cryptocurrencies. Long-term investors employing a buy and hold strategy will find the long-term ranking particularly relevant when allocating their assets and may find additional value by finding cryptos with a high short-term technical score to uncover. chips that have hit rock bottom.

InvestorsObserver gives Color Platform a long-term technical rating of 99. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the Color Platform rating!

Business analysis

Color Platform’s price is $0.0003505 (9.88%) above its 100-day moving average price of $0.003546603, with its price currently standing at $0.003897103. Additionally, CLR is $0.0032971 (-1832546.66%) higher than its 52-week low of $0.000600045 while -$0.00940626 (-75139.69%) is lower at its 52-week high of $0.013303360. The current trading price against its long-term average as well as its 52-week high and low, gives CLR a strong long-term technical score of 99. Color Platform’s long-term trading movement suggests that the investors are neutral on the token. at present. Color Platform has a market capitalization of $534,800.44 and a relatively low average daily volume with $1,605.90 of currency traded in a typical 24-hour period. Over the past 24 hours, CLR volume is below its seven-day average with 245.33 traded.


CLR’s historical trading over the past year gives it a strong long-term technical score of 99, as its price movement over this period has given investors reason to be neutral on the token over the long term. . Click here for the full Color Platform (CLR) report.

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