Spectral color

It looks like the color-changing car is now a reality. Check out BMW’s new offering that could change its exterior

Vegas: German luxury car maker BMW has unveiled some exciting features of its upcoming model that will not only provide an extraordinary driving experience for its customers, but may also change color. The concept car called BMW iX Flow is said to be the world’s first “color changing” car that will use e-ink technology, normally found in e-readers, to transform the car’s exterior into a a variation of gray and white patterns.Also Read- Rakhi Sawant Receives BMW X1 Worth Rs 40 Lakh As A Gift After Confessing He Can’t Afford Like Salman Khan

The luxury automaker unveiled the concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The car that BMW showed off at the tech event could only switch between gray and white, however, the company said the technology would be extended to cover a spectrum of colors. ALSO READ – BMW eyes ‘Mega Year’ in India after Q1; To launch 24 products

“It’s a really energy efficient color change using E Ink technology… So we took this material – it’s kind of thick paper – and our challenge was to get it onto a 3D object like our cars,” reported Reuters news agency citing BMW. research engineer Stella Clarke. Also Read – Chennai IT Company Gives Out BMWs to Honor Employee Loyalty | See the pictures

How will the car change color?

Customers will be able to change the exterior color of their luxury car via a phone app. When stimulated by electrical signals controlled by a phone app, the car body material brings different pigments to the surface, causing the car to take on a different hue or design, like racing stripes.

According to Clarke, in the future, changes would also be controlled by a button on the car’s dashboard or perhaps even by hand gestures. No energy is needed to maintain the color chosen by the driver, according to BMW.

“My favorite use case is using color to influence reflections from sunlight,” Clarke said. “On a hot, sunny day like today, you can change the color to white to reflect the sunlight. In cold weather, you can change it to black to absorb heat.