Color naming

Minot’s new North Hill School has a color palette

MINOT, ND — After months of work, Minot’s new school has a color palette.

The school board voted Thursday for navy blue, silver and white, to contrast the brown and gold of the Magic City campus. Officials said work on the new facility was put on hold by the decision, but now, with the colors selected, they can incorporate them into building designs.

“I want to show a tribute, basically, to the Air Force, and I think those colors are the traditional Air Force colors. So whatever we do with the mascot and the name, if we were to approve these colors, we will for sure make this tribute to the Air Force,” said Miranda Schuler of the school board.

Officials tried to clarify the new school’s name and mascot by interviewing board members. They will release the three names and the two mascots in another public survey to see what people think. These are Great Northern, Minot North or North Star High School.

For the mascot, the choices will be Missiles or Falcons.

“My suggestion was Missiles for obvious reasons with Minot Air Force Base, but notwithstanding the previous presentation, you would have Rockets and Missiles on North Hill, and Mystics and Wizards on South Hill,” resident Scott Louser said. .

The subject will come back for discussion at the May meeting and other names could still be considered.

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