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Pioneer Press Installs RMGT 9-8 Color Series UV-LED Perfecting Press

Pioneer Press, a leading commercial printer in the greater Denver, CO. market, will install an RMGT Series 9 eight-color perfectioning press with LED-UV curing this summer. Based in Greeley, CO, Pioneer Press has been in business for over 45 years, with current ownership in place since 1999. Installation of the RMGT Eight Color Perfecting Press will enhance their capabilities, producing an increase in the efficiency of 300% output. This will be the first LED-UV press of this size in the state of Colorado.

“After my father and I bought the company in 1999, I started working directly with and for production so that I could learn all the processes we asked our employees to perform,” says Cris SoRelle, President from Pioneer Press. “As my role in the business has evolved, it has made me realize that advances in technology can have a significant impact on production capabilities. One of the skills I brought to the business was my understanding of analytics. I improved our estimating system so that we had a better understanding of our true costs. The knowledge gained from the new system allowed us to be more competitive and we tripled our We have been fortunate to have a business that is very stable even during tough economic times and we have been able to grow during those times.

Pioneer Press has been able to leverage technology to create efficiencies for its customers. “We won’t always be the first company to break through the wall, but we certainly won’t be far behind! says Bob Shoemate, vice president of operations. “As soon as a technology proves itself, we’re there, from prepress automation, online storefronts that implement web-to-print, and even our digital printing capabilities. When it came time to purchase a new press, we went with the latest and most proven technology that delivers the greatest rewards to both our production team and our customers and that was clearly the series. RMGT 9.”

“One of the things we looked at when making this investment was how we could support the market more broadly and create a more diverse base,” says SoRelle. “What do we need from this press to enable us to work with a wider range of clients? Is it instant drying with LED-UV inks? Is it in the ability to print double-sided color in a single pass? Is it printing on several different materials such as plastics, cardboards, thin papers and labels? The RMGT 9 Series eight-color finishing press with LED-UV curing capabilities meets all of these needs.

“Our current customer base prints on a variety of synthetic media,” said Rudy DeSousa, vice president of sales, Pioneer Press. “These sheets can take a few days to dry and they take up a lot of space while drying. With the RMGT, the vinyl sheets are immediately dry off the press. We can cut them in and out, giving our customers faster turnaround times. »

“When you live in a state as beautiful as Colorado, the impact of our processes on the environment is always a consideration.” continues SoRelle. “We recycle a large percentage of our waste, but when we learned how LED-UV reduces our carbon footprint by using 81% less energy, it certainly caught our attention. Makes sense, we all know how efficient LED bulbs are compared to incandescent bulbs and how long they last!” agrees DeSousa. RMGT uses a UV LED system that instantly turns on/off, unlike to traditional ARC curing lamps that stay on all day, it also cures at very low temperatures using minimal energy, and the ink it uses is 0% VOC (volatile organic compounds). Active Color Management allows Pioneer to use significantly less paper to get the press, down to color” and the size chosen uses approximately 30% less raw material for plates and paper than larger presses. “All of these things are good for our environment and our customers!” concludes SoRelle.

“Once we loaded the RMGT specifications into our estimating system, it was interesting to see how many of the jobs we currently run on our digital presses will now default to RMGT as the best choice,” observes Shoemate. “The RMGT will not only allow us to take some of the workload off our digital team, but it will also provide our customers with the highest quality printing at quantities that are prohibitively expensive with traditional presses.” This allows our customers to have more freedom when designing projects.

“Pioneer Press thrived during the global downturn with its philosophy of ‘putting personality back into print,’ says Kian Hemmen, Sales Manager, Printing & Finishing Solutions, Western US Distributor for RMGT. “From our first meeting with Cris and her team, you can tell it resonates within their business, in their relationships with customers, as well as in their collaboration as a supplier. People buy people. It was obvious from the start that Pioneer Press had a way of building deep and ongoing relationships, in addition to being a high quality printer. There is no limit to their success. We are thrilled to partner with them in their strategic planning and celebrate their commitment to printing.

Source: Graphics Systems North America

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