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Samsung finally adds a fill color tool and more to its PENUP Art app

The Samsung PENUP app has been a staple among the company’s S-Pen compatible apps for almost as long as the accessory has been around, and it finally gets a fill color tool. This is based on reports following the latest app version update.

Now, Fill Color isn’t the only new feature added with the recent Samsung PENUP art app update, but it’s arguably the biggest one. The tool, as the name suggests, is one that has been found in almost every art-focused application ever developed.

In summary, it allows users to quickly fill the spaces in their art – between fully enclosed lines – with color. And, until now, it was missing in Samsung’s app. That’s unless users put their art into “Coloring” mode. Now it is available in the main drawing mode of the application.

Aside from the fill color, what else is new in Samsung PENUP?

Aside from this new feature, PENUP should also be better than ever for Samsung devices that also don’t include an S-Pen. Piling on a better color fill experience, after the update the app offers “improved live drawing usability”.

This should equate to better designs all around. Whether users draw with a stylus or with their fingers. And it should allow more users to have a better experience. It doesn’t matter if they’re on a smartphone or a tablet. Regardless of whether their phone – as it’s a company-specific app rather than a specific device – supports the S-Pen.

Also, users looking for live drawings or coloring art will have an easier time finding this. The update adds new search functionality specifically for these app segments. This means that users can more easily find sample clip art drawn through Live Drawings. Or find a piece of art to customize with custom colors.

All in all, changes like these will go a long way in placing Samsung PENUP among the best art apps available. The update is rolling out for those who want to check it out.