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Teacher roasted after letting students choose their hair color

A fifth-grade teacher let her students decide on their hair color for the end of the school year and documented the process — including student reactions — on TikTok.

The teacher, who identifies himself as @friend.goblin on the app, went viral last week when they shared the first video. In it, they created “ballots” that students could color in to vote for a hair color.

“To celebrate the end of the year, I thought I had a creative color in my hair for the first time,” they explained. The various student submissions were certainly creative with options ranging from blue and green to platinum with pink tips.

Watch the video below:

The video garnered over 10 million views and thousands of comments with people weighing in on the idea and different hair colors.

In a second video, they showed all the entries and explained that a lot of students voted blue. However, the professor changed things up and went with the green hair.

Check out the results below:

They documented the coloring process in another video and speculated about the students’ reaction in the caption.

“My fifth graders are going to roast me,” they wrote. “I’ll call myself the joker. Or compare myself to all the green-haired anime characters.”

Watch the video below:

Someone asked the teacher to document the student’s reactions in the comments section. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long to see the answer and, hilariously, the professor was right. Their students did not hold back their feelings.

The teacher handed out sticky notes for students to share their thoughts on pastel green hair, and a general raffle began.

“Your hair looks weird,” wrote one student. “Sorry.”

“No offense, Tr. Dahl, you look like a cucumber,” said another.

They have been compared to the Joker among other things, including a frog, a plant, a lime, and plankton from Sponge Bob SquarePants.

The reviews weren’t all bad though.

“I’m sorry but I prefer blue,” commented a disappointed student. “But I still love green.”

“Sounds great,” exclaimed another.

Check out all the roasts in the video below:

The video has been viewed over a million times and people rushed to the comments section to laugh at the reactions.

“So glad the concept of ‘no offense’ hasn’t left 5th graders’ mouths since I was 10,” someone wrote.

“At least they are honest,” another commented.

“I would have cried myself to sleep that night,” one commenter said.

“Thought the kids would like the wild colors,” someone wrote. The professor had an answer to that: “They like it,” they said. “But they want to humiliate me.”

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