Color naming

This mini color sensor works on almost any surface

Sometimes you need to paint a bump on your wall or identify the shade of red in the flowers outside your window. Home improvement, art or just a curiosity – there are a ton of reasons why it’s good to have something around that can definitively tell you what color you’re looking at.

The Nix Mini 2 color sensor scans and identifies colors and gives you paint suggestions and codes to find your color digitally. During our Spring Refresh promotion, you can get a Nix Mini 2 for $73.95 (usually $99) with coupon code SPRING10.

Identify any color

Rated 5/5 stars by verified buyers, this portable color scanner is the visual worker’s best friend. If you’re at work and need to know what paint color is currently on a client’s wall, whip out your little color scanner and get answers fast. Someone might know the original color of their walls, but Nix can connect to over 100,000 brand paint colors and give you a recommendation based on the color of the walls right now.

That’s exactly what one 5-star reviewer did: “We used the Nix to match paint to drywall repairs. It worked very well, a nice surprise, as the old paint had changed slightly (oxidized) from one repair location to another.

Nix Mini can scan virtually any surface: vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, stains and more. If you’re drawing a self-portrait in Photoshop, you can scan the shirt you’re wearing and instantly get sRGB HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors.

Totally portable, this small, lightweight color scanner works via Bluetooth and can give you instant results when you scan something interesting. You don’t have to try to remember to find the color of someone’s leather jacket when you try to draw it later.

And the results you get are remarkably accurate. Nix Mini blocks out all ambient light and provides its own calibrated light source each time it scans. You also don’t have to be afraid to take your Nix color scanner on an adventure, as its solid-state construction can take a beating. Scan a beautiful stone near your campsite in an instant, then use the app to share the color with your friends on social media in the next.

Save on the Nix Mini Color Sensor

See the true colors of the world in the best way. Get the Nix Mini 2 on sale for $73.95 (usually $99) with coupon code SPRING10.

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