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What color is graphite? | Homes & Gardens |

The color graphite can often be confused with a soft charcoal or black hue, leading many of us to ask the question, what color is graphite?

Named after the natural material formed from carbon, the color graphite embodies a deep dark gray hue that can be a versatile and fundamental choice for decorating ideas around the home.

Graphite sits in a spectrum of other shades of gray, created from a mixture of black, white and blue. A unique neutral that can connect a space to the natural world, the use of dark hues such as graphite in interior design can create an atmosphere rich with character and contemporary style.

What color is graphite?

Large bedroom with graphite painted wall behind the bed, dark gray headboard and blanket, white bedding, brown and gray cushions, cream carpet, dark wood bedside table, black hanging pendant above the table, bathroom adjoining to the right of the bed

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Graphite can be thought of as a shade of gray, created by mixing blue, white and black. Neutral shades such as graphite do not appear on a traditional color wheel, but they sit independently with other “non-colors” such as black and white.

When planning your decorating ideas and room color ideas, graphite can create a truly sophisticated space.

Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown Paintings states, “Darker tones can be used to add drama anywhere in the home, from a living room to a bedroom or even a small hallway – with smart lighting and mirrors you can create a look both strong and atmospheric.

We believe colors such as graphite can add drama, strength and solidity to a space, used to create a bold feature wall, or if that’s not your style, they can be incorporated in more subtle ways through accessories and furniture.

Decorating with gray and using dark shades such as graphite shouldn’t seem oppressive or gloomy, when used in the right way they can create elegant and refined designs with subtle touches of drama and luxury.

Is it graphite gray or black?

Kitchen area with graphite painted wall, white kitchen floor and cupboards, high metal and black kitchen island, high white and metal stools, decorative vases and ornaments on table, low stool next to gray radiator, decorative picture frames and murals and resting on the counter

(Image credit: Little Greene)

As noted, graphite is a shade of gray that belongs to a family of neutrals. Created through a mixture of black, white and blue, there can be many different shades of graphite created through this mixture.

Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador, says: “Graphite is a true dark gray so there’s no perception of blue through it – our Tar from the California collection has a nice smoky quality that would fit perfectly.”

As there are many shades available, ranging from light to dark, you will be able to find a graphite shade that will fit perfectly into your design scheme.

Is graphite a neutral color?

Living space with a marbled graphite painted wall, a large gray sofa, a geometric rug in soft colors, a wooden decorative object on the floor, a low pendant lamp with a rounded opal glass shade

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

As graphite is part of the gray color family it is considered a neutral color, other examples of neutral colors are black, brown, white, taupe and khaki.

Graphite can be a versatile option for neutral room ideas, whether you want to make a subtle statement with a black painted wall or create a calm and restful environment with dark throw pillows and upholstery, graphite can go integrate with both classic and contemporary schemes.

What colors go with graphite?

Living space with graphite painted brick wall to ceiling, cream painted wall to right, dark hardwood floor, blue lounge chair and cream upholstered lounge chair, black coffee table with paint and decorative bowl, black floor lamp, coffee table metal accent with vases, small patterned striped rug

(Image credit: Little Greene)

When planning accent colors for gray, graphite is a truly versatile choice. Ideal for pairing with other casual shades such as black, white and cream, it can also create harmonious color combinations with bright and bold shades such as yellow and blue.

Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams states, “Because graphite is considered neutral, the hue can easily be warmed up with accents or complemented with shades from the blue family to pick up its undertones, like mid-tone Breezy or a light, muted pastel like Lullaby “.

Justyna Korczynska also says, “Dark grays work beautifully with wood paneling and white linens – for the ultimate smart bedroom. But they also look fantastic with areas of a bright tone like leaf green or burnt orange.

Depending on your style and the plan of your interior space, graphite can both blend in and stand out, making it a timeless choice for your home.