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What is WWE star Cody Rhodes’ natural hair color?

Cody Rhodes recently returned to WWE, and it has been a thrilling experience. His feud with Seth “Freakin” Rollins has been one of the best parts of the current product.

Although he now has blonde hair, fans might recall that his hair was dark brown during his first tenure with the company. If you’re wondering what color his hair was when he was born, we’ve got you covered.

What is WWE star Cody Rhodes’ natural hair color?

The answer is blonde. The current WWE Superstar used to dye his hair black for a different look. However, his real hair is brown blonde, just like his father Dusty Rhodes and his brother Dustin Rhodes. It can also be seen in some of his rare childhood photos.

We never know if he might dye his hair black or dark brown in the future. What hair color suits her best? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

Cody Rhodes dyed his hair multiple times

After leaving WWE in 2016, The American Nightmare worked at several professional wrestling promotions. He became a major name in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Ring Of Honor (ROH) and later joined All Elite Wrestling.

Although he usually had blonde hair at this time, he dyed it black for a time. In 2020, he appeared with black hair, leaving fans curious about the change.

AEW posted an interview with the former TNT champion on their YouTube channel, where he discussed changing his hair color. He said it was a sadly misunderstood reference.

“Blondes have more fun, and no one understood when I dyed my hair black. It was a play on Death of Superman, he had the mullet, he had a change, he had an outfit different – ​​no one understood that,” says Cody Rhodes.

A few days later, the former AEW star dyed her hair blonde and has kept it ever since.

Cody Rhodes has been Wrestling Twitter’s MVP since Wrestlemania.

As of now, his rivalry with Seth Rollins has become one of the most interesting things in WWE. He is now aiming to win the world title. Hopefully, fans will soon see him realize his dream.

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