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Which colored cars lose their value the fastest here in Minnesota?

Used cars are worth a lot more these days, but what color car holds its value the most here in Minnesota?

One of the many strange things that has happened since the pandemic has been how the shortage of computer chips in new cars has caused many used cars to rise in value. In fact, earlier this spring, there were at least five car models that cost more used than new here in Minnesota.

So we know that used cars still have a lot of value. But did you know that the COLOR of the car can have an effect on its value? Of course it is possible. And the number breakers to iSeeCars just did a major survey to find out which color cars are most valuable – and least.

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To reach these conclusions, the iSeeCars study compared the prices of more than 650,000 recently sold cars to see which colors help, hurt or have minimal impact on a vehicle’s resale value for Minnesota drivers. They found that the most depreciated color lost almost four times the value of the lowest!

Specifically, the study found that brown cars here in the land of 10,000 lakes lost the most value, losing 17.8% of their value over a three-year period, depreciating $7,642 from price. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

At the other end of the spectrum, North Star’s yellow state cars retained the most value, losing only 4.5% of their value over the three-year period, depreciating just $3,155 per year. compared to their original MSRP. You can view the full list HERE and check below to see how YOUR color car fared in the study:

iSeeCars Minnesota Depreciation Percentage by Car Color Study

1) Yellow (-4.5% down $3,155)
2) Orange (-10.7% down $3,825)
3) Purple (-13.9% down $5,461)
4) Red (-14.0% down $5,399)
5) Green (-14.0% down $5,596)
6) Blue (-14.3% down $5,582)
7) Gray (-14.3% down $5,635)
8) Beige (-14.4% down $5,960)
9) Silver (-14.8% down $5,499)
10) White (-15.5% drop from $6,490)

The news is even worse if you have a black car, as it placed just outside the top ten and lost an average of 16.1% of its value, depreciating $6,993 from its MSRP. Meanwhile, gold cars lost 16.7% of their value, depreciating $6,719 from their MSRP.

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